Quality and Speed – the hallmark of our service

18 Apr 2018

On the quality side, our two markers for business cards are the look & feel of the card stock and the quality & accuracy of the print.

To achieve our quality requirements, we have chosen a fantastic 300gsm card which gives our business cards a solid and professional look and feel.

For the printing, we currently use a digital printer with a Fiery server for colour matching – digital technology has come a long way in the last few years and in most cases, it is now difficult to tell the difference between digital and litho printing.

Having said that, onscreen colour matching is always problematic and you need to be aware that due to the vast differences in colour rendering on different makes and models of monitors/devices, what you see on the screen may not be exactly the same colour(s) as the final printed business cards.

For the best colour-matching results, you can provide us with the CMYK colour breakdown and we should be able to get very close. We are also able to work with Pantone colours and can similarly match the final print pretty closely.