Design Ideas

12 Nov 2018

That can all be a bit daunting, but we can make the process a little easier by sharing these guidelines with you:

  • Less is more – as we have stated previously avoid the temptation to squeeze every last detail onto your business card.
  • Use white space – following on from the above, use white space when you want to draw attention to neighbouring elements
  • Choose complimentary colours – try to restrict the number of colours you use to 2 or 3 and ensure they are in harmony
  • Do the same with fonts – limit the number of different fonts you use and make sure that the ones that you choose match your brand ethos
  • Your logo should be prominent – this doesn’t mean that it has to necessarily be big. It just shouldn’t be overshadowed by neighbouring elements.
  • Be creative – if your brand lends itself to a creative design or custom shaped card, let your hair down and come up with something really unique. Here are some ideas for inspiration

These are only some of the things you should consider when designing your business card, but this should help you come up with a professional and unique design that will help you build your brand and network like a ninja.