Are Business Cards Dead?

01 Jan 2015

It is no secret that the technological and communications landscape has changed radically over the last ten years. Mobile devices and vastly improved mobile data coverage/speeds have been the technology enabler, whilst social media has forever changed the way we communicate – or has it?

There is no doubt that FaceBook and Twitter, to count a few, have changed the way we communicate and engage with our family and friends – and to some extent brands. On the business front, LinkedIn in particular, is a very powerful online networking, recruitment and sales resource. But does that mean the humble Business Card is dead? We don’t think so. As with advertising, the digital space has now got so overcrowded, that it is often very difficult to stand up and be heard. An innovative print advert, or in this case a well designed business card printed on a quality stock, often does wonders in attracting that first element of attention. If you have a good product or brand that sells itself, that is often more than half the battle won. When we meet clients or service providers for the first time, we like to exchange business cards.

This allows both parties to confirm who they are speaking to, what position the person holds in the company (and consequently what their decision making abilities are), as well as pertinent information on the products and services provided by the company. Although we immediately capture this information in an electronic database on our return to the office, we still keep the business cards and often find ourselves scanning through them to find the details of a specialist provider whose name we could not recall at the time. When all’s said and done, a good quality set of 500 business cards may well turn out to be your best return on investment. We would love to hear your thoughts?